Take Action

​If you believe your loved one is being subjected to nursing home abuse, it is extremely important that you visit them in the nursing home frequently. Not only does it offer your loved one encouragement and provide them with opportunities to report anything to you that may need to be communicated, it also gives you the chance to witness firsthand what the facility is like on a day-to-day basis.

Nursing home residents who have frequent, regular visitors are better protected than those who have few or no visitors. Vary your visitation schedule so your visits are unannounced and unexpected and so you can familiarize yourself with how different shifts manage patient care. Communicate with staff when you have questions or concerns. Communicate with doctors and make use of the ombudsman for your nursing home if you have ongoing questions or concerns.

If you suspect or determine that abuse or negligence is taking place, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to determine if a nursing home abuse lawsuit may be necessary to resolve the situation. Nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence lawsuits can address such issues as direct and indirect negligence, wrongful death, intentional tort, negligent hiring and supervision, loss of consortium, abuse of the elderly, and third-party responsibility.