Truck Accidents

Every year, 1,746,000 Americans are injured and killed in accidents on our nation’s highways. Of these accidents, 368,000 involve large trucks, defined as vehicles with a gross weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds. More than eight million such vehicles travel on American roads each year, giving you a significant chance of suffering a truck accident injury at some point in your driving career.

Some truck accidents are just that – accidents, created by circumstances beyond anyone’s control, such as unforeseeable road conditions or the unpredictable activities of other drivers. Most truck accidents, however, are preventable.

When a truck accident occurs, someone is almost always at fault, either through negligence or willful action. If you and/or your property are injured or damaged as the result of a truck accident due to such negligence or action, a truck accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for that injury or damage.

A truck accident lawsuit is the method by which you can recover damages from the person or group of persons at fault in a truck accident. Your best chance to confront negligent drivers, their employers, and manufacturers in a court of law and realize just compensation is to retain the professional services of a truck accident lawyer.

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