Patent Law

A patent is essentially a set of exclusive rights registered to an individual by a government protecting the monopoly right of the inventor or creator of a product of invention (an intellectual concept, formula, invention, or other intellectual property) to own and control that product. In other words, a patent protects the creator or inventor’s ownership of his or her work, preventing a competitor or other party from duplicating, selling, or otherwise benefitting from it.

Unfortunately, some people today choose to profit from the creativity and hard work of others. These patent infringers are, in truth, pirates and thieves. This thievery is why patent law exists – to allow creative people to benefit from their own ingenuity by making it a crime to breach a patent.

If you believe that another party is breaking patent law with regard to your intellectual property, we can help. Our patent attorneys can file patent lawsuits over stolen intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual products that can be stolen or copied by the competition.

By retaining the services of a patent lawyer and taking appropriate action with a patent lawsuit, you can pursue necessary compensation and ensure that you retain rightful ownership of your work.