Third Party Responsibility Claims

Nursing homes are liable for harm caused to nursing home residents while under their watch. Nursing homes are required by federal and state laws to ensure the highest possible level of care, which includes protecting residents from harm, abuse and neglect. For example, if a nursing home resident is abused or harmed by another nursing home resident, the nursing home is liable for not providing an adequate level of supervision and protection.

Nursing homes are responsible for implementing safeguards to provide an environment in which abuse and harm do not occur to residents. However, government studies have proven time and again that the failure of nursing homes to provide such care and protection is rampant.
Before leaving office, President George W. Bush called for a nursing home rating system and an accompanying website to document how nursing homes are performing in this area.

Although the government is willing to address these deficiencies, the nursing home industry seems slow to catch up. Nursing homes continue to be besieged with failures, and the number one offender is nursing home neglect, which includes neglectful supervision.

For that reason, it is imperative that family, friends, and visitors pay close attention to nursing home conditions, nursing home residents and changes they experience, and to call attention to any situation or event that appears to be sub-par. This includes questionable or threatening behavior on the part of other nursing home residents or other third parties.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys have legal remedies at their disposal to fight nursing home abuse and bring third-party responsibility claims to court to ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable for nursing home resident abuse and mistreatment.

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