AlloDerm Problems, Complications and Failure

LifeCell developed the regenerative tissue Matrix, AlloDerm®, in the mid-90s for use as a skin graft for burn victims. AlloDerm is tissue that is derived from skin, taken from volunteers or cadavers, commonly used now at the site of breast surgery, hernia repair, gum repair, and burns that ideally allows new skin cells to grow on the AlloDerm and repair the tissue damage.

While AlloDerm has been effective in helping patients recover from surgeries, it unfortunately has also resulted in patients experience adverse side effects and complications. For instance, one study of patients with AlloDerm used in hernia repair found “…20% suffered one or more complications.” Those serious complications include hernia recurrence, infections, abscesses, swelling and rejection of the graft.

These AlloDerm failures are painful and dangerous – even life threatening – to patients, and may cause the patient to have additional surgeries. LifeCell, the manufacturer of AlloDerm allograt mesh, and the doctors who use it in treatment, should be held accountable for these failures and complications when they are responsible.

If you have suffered or are suffering from AlloDerm complications or side effects, you may find it necessary to pursue a lawsuit. You may be due restitution for your suffering and could be entitled to financial compensation for the pain and hardships you have endured. Contact Johnson Law Group for information and guidance on resolving your AlloDerm case. You can submit your information via the form on this page or call Nick Johnson toll free at 1-800-624-8899.