Costs and Monetary Awards

Q: How much is my case worth?

A: Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered before the case is investigated, since each case must be evaluated on an individual basis. The attorneys at Johnson Law Group are experienced in evaluating cases and will give you their opinion after an investigation has been completed. However, an exact dollar amount or a guaranteed amount will not be given at any time.

Q: How much will legal representation cost me?

A: Johnson Law Group takes cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge our clients by the hour for legal representation. Johnson Law Group only gets paid its fees and reimbursement of expenses when a recovery is made in your case. If no recovery is made, no fees or expenses are paid.

Q: Do I have to pay for expenses regardless of whether we win or lose?

A: No. You only pay for expenses if a recovery is made in your case.

Q: Why does the legal fee increase if we have to go to trial?

A: It takes much more time and effort to prepare a case for trial and to take it to trial than it does to settle, so our fee increases for trial cases.

Q: When will I receive my money?

A: It depends. If your case has been settled, your settlement can be paid only after the settlement papers have been signed and the funds have been deposited into Johnson Law Group’s trust account. If a law suit must be filed, it may be 18 months or more before a settlement can be achieved or a jury award obtained. Even then, the losing party may appeal the jury’s decision, which may mean it will take longer for you to receive your award.

Q: Is a settlement a regular monthly payment?

A: Usually, but not always. Sometimes clients prefer to have their settlements paid in one lump sum, while others prefer to receive their settlement checks monthly or yearly. Feel free to consult with your attorney on this issue.

Q:Why do we have to wait ten working days after my settlement check comes in?

A: Settlements, which are usually paid by check or bank draft, are deposited into Johnson Law Group’s trust account upon receipt. No checks can be written from the trust account until the settlement check has cleared the bank. After the check clears, the client receives his or her money, and then the attorneys’ fees and expenses are paid or reimbursed.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on settlements or verdicts in my favor?

A: Johnson Law Group does not and cannot give tax advice. Please ask your certified tax accountant all of your questions regarding taxes.