Pediatric Medical Devices Mostly Tested on Adults Only

Medical Devices for Children

Few medical devices have been specifically approved for use in children. The passage of the 2007 Pediatric Medical Device Safety and Improvement Act was designed to combat the problem of approving of medical devices for use in children without pediatric testing. Despite the government’s intentions, most medical devices approved for pediatric use since the Act was passed have not been tested on children. Almost all pediatric medical devices are solely tested on people age 18 and older.

The FDA requires at least one clinical trial that shows a device is safe and effective before approving it for use with patients; however, trials don’t have to include the same type of patients that will use the device. Pediatrics also spans a very board spectrum from infant to adolescent, and even then kids can vary significantly in growth and development despite their ages.

“Children are not simply ‘small adults,’ and a device … Read More »

Why does nursing home abuse occur?

Can you imagine any reason a person would intentionally harm an elderly person? Elder abuse victims and their loved ones struggle with this question daily. Several individuals in assisted living facilities are defenseless and often physically incapable of protecting themselves. Nevertheless, elderly residents are violated each year in nursing home abuse incidents. These types of actions are unacceptable and in order to prevent them, we need to understand why they happen.

Lack of Time and Resources

Taking care of our elderly population requires patience and a heartfelt attitude towards the needs of the individual. However, in residences across the country, employees are failing to provide quality care. A reason for this gap is because of the lack of staff available for these positions. Nursing homes may not have quality candidates or the budget to hire additional employees. Remaining employees are left with the burden of extra duties and responsibilities. As … Read More »

Veterans with Mesothelioma

Your loved one is a retired naval officer after 35 years of decorated service. You are proud of their accomplishments, but you are relieved to know that military life is in the past. Especially now since his health has begun to decline. The chronic coughing, chest pains, and trouble breathing occurs more frequently, and your concern is growing. Is it possible that your loved one developed a disease that you both are unaware of? For far too many of our veterans with mesothelioma, the answer is yes.

Who is at Risk?

Mesothelioma is an incurable cancer caused by asbestos fibers used in manufacturing construction materials. Heavy contact with the material over time clogs the lining of the lungs which then creates tumors. Military personnel were exposed to asbestos while using these materials to build, repair, and maintain the functionality of military craft and structures. Every moment they spent in … Read More »

Filing a Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit

Nursing home negligence is a despicable event where assailants prey on the helplessness of the elderly and disabled. Every year new reports arise to reveal the appalling treatment by people who are supposed to be caretakers. As an unfortunate victim or family member of a victim of this tragedy, you need to be prepared to take action against nursing home negligence. The following is a brief overview of the legal process for a nursing home negligence lawsuit.


Nursing home abuse can include a variety of situations including physical attacks, malnutrition or dehydration, or the use of a punishment system. To assist your lawyer, compile as much specific evidence on the type of abuse, timeframe, and possible assailants. If your loved one has developed wounds or bruises, ask medical personnel if treatment was given and document medical records. You should also question roommates, friends, and nurses about any inconsistencies or … Read More »

Who is Responsible for Oil Rig Injuries

Families of oil rig workers have to deal with tremendous anxiety as their loved ones work far from home in dangerous conditions. With 1,833 oil rigs in the U.S., hundreds of individuals are subjected to long hours, high expectations, and constant fear that an accident can happen. Oil rig injuries are often catastrophic and deadly, leaving family members wondering what went wrong. The injured should use the appropriate legal guidance to hold those responsible for an oil rig accident.

In general, the oil and gas industry has one of the highest mortality rates in the country. Companies are aware of these dangers, and it is federally mandated that they equip worksites and their employees with up-to-date safety measures. However, like any other labor intensive job, incidents occur and unfortunately workers are hurt. The ambitious nature of oil and gas companies can attribute to the lack of proper oversight. This creates a … Read More »