Appeals and Remands

Q: What happens if my case goes on appeal?

A: Either party can appeal the judgment in a case. Johnson Law Group is will appoint an of Counsel for the sole purpose of handling these appeals. In many instances, the attorney-client contract provides for an additional percentage to the law firm if an appeal is filed.

Q: Who pays for the appeal?

A: The attorney-client contract with our clients states that Johnson Law Group will receive an additional percentage fee for filing and handling or responding to an appeal.

Q: What is a “reverse and remand” of trial and how can this happen? Will it happen to my case?

A: “Reversed and Remanded” is a term used by the appellate courts to describe the decision it made on a case. This particular decision means that the court found some error at the trial which leaves no alternative but for the case to have a new trial. While the attorneys with Johnson Law Group want the judge in every case to rule correctly on all matters, that does not always happen, and Johnson Law Group cannot guarantee a specific result.